Theoretical (Optimal) Pricing F5 revision lecture

F5 Revision lectures


  1. avatar says


    Thank you for the great lectures. Although I have a scientific calculator I do have problems sometimes. In this occasion when trying to divide 5/2000=I have something like 2.5×10-3. How do I get 0.0025? please? thank you,

  2. avatar says

    When you click “This lecture is based on F5 Revision notes, download them here” it just takes you to the acca past papers page. Where are the revision notes that all these revision videos are based on????

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      No it isn’t, and it won’t be in the exam either – the formula for the marginal revenue is given on the formula sheet. When deriving the price demand equation you will have calculated a and b – you then use the same values for a and b in the marginal revenue formula.

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