1. avatar says

    Hi john. no doubt u r a great lecturer!
    but i am little bit confused about , why did u multiplied the probabilities with the profits rather than demand? In the notes probabilities are for demand.

  2. avatar says

    thanks very much for the lecture. the practise question 6 Joker part (c) answer seems wrong, should be: fee of $180= 15750x(180-81.5)=1,551,375, and the same for other 2 options $(200-81.5)x13125, and (220-81.50)x10500. but the answer in the notes are each fee multiple the variable cost rather than subtract.

  3. Avatar of Mahoysam says

    I will have to comment on every lecture I am watching and say thank you.

    I am not starting to review F5 and I am reviewing it using your lectures to give me a clear understanding, really thanks!


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