Risk and Uncertainty ACCA F5 lecture part b

Risk and Uncertainty: Please note that this lecture relates to Chapter 10 of the Course Notes (not chapter 9 as stated in the lecture).

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  1. avatar says

    Dear John,

    I have had a quick view of my BPP study manual uopn F5 and i am about to finish your on-line lecture soon. I have entered Sept. session exam this year. Currently, do you think the time for me to do the revision is enough?

    Along with your on-line material, I now hold BPP textbook + Revision Kit + Passcard + Past papers from ACCA. Could you please suggest me what should I do in order to prepare for exam effectively?

    (For last session, I have just read the textbook and taken the exam. I scored 37.)

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      What you need to do is finish watching the lectures and then spend your time practicing (and learning from) every question in your Revision Kit. (I assume that your copy is a current edition containing multiple choice questions – if not then you should buy a new one)
      Make sure you spend time learning from the answers to the written parts of questions – 50% of the exam will be written as opposed to calculations.

      I would not spend any time with the Study Text unless there are specific topics that are really causing you problems.

      What you might also find useful is to watch the lectures going through the specimen exam and the December 2014 real exam (and the June 2015 exam will be added in the next week or two). They will help you with the approach to questions in the exam.You can find them on this page:

      Any problems, ask in the F5 Ask the Tutor Forum and I will do my best to help.

      • avatar says

        Dear John,

        Many thanks for your further help!

        For general rather than specific questions, I will ask in the ‘ask the tutor’ section in the future.

        BTW, do you think, more than likely, one month is enough to finalise the revision effectively for F5 provided I watched all your lectures and had a glance on the BPP textbook? For my previous score, do you think I have covered enough syllabus? (I heard from my friends that if one candidate scores approximately 40%, he or she may have sufficient coverage of the syllabus. Is this a misconception?)

        The last question is should I place more attetion upon questions in the Section B as it has a heavier module weighting?

        Sorry to bother you again ==

        Thank you once again for your support!

      • Profile photo of John Moffat says

        I don’t understand your friends comment about 40% being enough coverage – you need complete coverage of the syllabus to be sure of passing.

        Whether Section A or Section B, the same level of understanding is needed.

  2. Profile photo of Lee Taylor says

    MiniMax Regret Table – Confusion.

    Good evening, quick question. When do we use the figures from Rows or Columns when calculating Minimax rules. In this lecture we have used the figures from the Columns. In other lectures examples we use rows.

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      It doesn’t matter how you show the table ( rows or columns ) what matters is understanding the logic behind the criterion being used – you mustn’t try simply to learn rules, the examiner will check you understand by asking you to write about them.

  3. avatar says

    Hi john. no doubt u r a great lecturer!
    but i am little bit confused about , why did u multiplied the probabilities with the profits rather than demand? In the notes probabilities are for demand.

  4. avatar says

    thanks very much for the lecture. the practise question 6 Joker part (c) answer seems wrong, should be: fee of $180= 15750x(180-81.5)=1,551,375, and the same for other 2 options $(200-81.5)x13125, and (220-81.50)x10500. but the answer in the notes are each fee multiple the variable cost rather than subtract.

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