Performance in the not-for-profit sector

Performance in the not-for-profit sector: Please note that this lecture relates to Chapter 19 of the Course Notes and not Chapter 18 as stated in the lecture.

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  1. avatar says

    First of all thank you for your lectures and for the effort you have put into helping all us to prepare for exam.

    But I also wanted to tell that it is something wrong with the audio of this video, some constant noise is present in the lecture. Please let me know if it is only me having this problem.

    Thanx a bunch again!

  2. Profile photo of Kanika01 says

    Thank you so much for the wonderful lectures… It was a wonderful journey learning f5 with your lectures. Finished with my last lec and now time to get started with the revision kit. I’m sure I’ll pass F5 with your guidance. It was a pleasure learning. Thanks again !!

  3. avatar says

    Hi sir! i just completed listening to opentution video lectures of f5. since i am attending 2 more papers( F4 & F6) this june, i don’t have much time to practice the whole revision kit(bpp) within the limited time available. so could you pls advice me on what to practice for f5 within this limited amount of time left considering that i also have f6 to practice since there’s no gap between these 2 exams… Will solving past papers alone, cover the practice required ? please do give me some advice…. thanks a lot :)

    sorry for asking this question here instead of posting it in the forum. infact i did post the question in the forum about 12hrs back ,but i got no response there :(

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      You did not post this question in the F5 Ask the Tutor Forum which is where I answer questions (within 24 hours – I can not sit at the computer all the time. I do have to work and sleep as well :-) )

      There is no limit to the amount of practice – the more the better. Certainly you must work through all the recent past exam questions as a minimum, but I would never say that is enough – nothing is every enough! Work through them first, but do try and find time to work through more questions from your Revision Kit. The best ones are those that are marked as past exam questions (even if they are old ones).

      • avatar says

        Oops .. sorry sir ,my fault ! i posted it on ‘acca forums’ instead of ‘ask the tutor’ . Anyways, thank you for your advice :) ,i’ll try my best to practice as much i can .

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