Activity Based Costing ACCA F5 revision lecture

F5 Revision lectures


    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      Have you read the little bit above the lecture? There is a link to download the free notes.

      (Appreciate that they are purely revision – the main free lectures and the main lecture notes go through the entire syllabus in detail)

      • Profile photo of drice99 says

        I missed the link thanks very much John I will print this them out . I have watched all the main lectures. Gonna do your revision and then your revision kit live, thanks very much for all of this, it’s brilliant.

  1. avatar says

    sir john u doing wonderfull job… u r really really nice man thanks very muchhh… by the way i m taking four subjects f4579..i m gonna rely on ur lectures and notes .. i really likes it …i passed f6 just taking ur notes and lecture..

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      Lectures are not downloadable – they can only be watched online.

      They are working fine. If you are having problems then go to the support page (the link is below the lecture) and you will find help there.

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      In what sense is it not detailed?
      We make it clear that our notes (and lectures) are not meant to replace study texts, but (as you will see from the many comments) there is more than enough to be able to pass the exams.
      That is our objective – to help people to pass the exams without charging for our help.

    • Profile photo of dituribeqaraj1973 says

      Are you people aware that this site is completely free, and that this guys are not charging neither of us a single penny for their lectures???
      There is always the option of paying for your lectures which do not come cheap and start from £450 a module.

      Be grateful, all I say.

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