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      @rusted, As far as the target costing itself is, they are certainly exam standard!! The difficulty in exam questions has always been the estimation of the actual cost (which is costing proper – not target costing) – calculating the target cost itself has never ever been difficult!!
      The marks for the calculation of the target cost have always been very small. It is the understanding of target costing that is more important and has carried more of the marks (in the written parts).

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        @rusted, Obviously the examples in the Course Notes are not exam standard – it is the same in all our Course Notes!
        The examples are not meant to be exam standard – they are for using with the lectures to explain all the concepts and techniques necessary for the exams.
        At the end of each lecture, the students on our courses practice past real exam questions and we go through them with them.

        You can find worked past exam questions separately on this website. At the moment there are only ten of these questions but more will be added as time allows.

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    Thank you sooo much.. I was very worried how am i going to cope with the F5 paper. Open tution is guiding me well. the lectrures were v clear and helpful.
    I was wondering why chapter 3 is not in the list.. can anyone help me out on this.

    THank you

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