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    Hello Sir,
    I have a question.

    Example of a question:
    Briefly explain the implementation problems often experienced when ABC is first introduced. (4marks)

    The question says briefly explain. What will happen if I answer very brief for example

    - Lack of understanding by manager
    - Difficult to identify cost driver

    Can I still gain marks without further explanation for every answer?


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    First of all, thank you for providing such a great learning ressource to study the ACCA!

    Quick query:

    We’ve figured out the machine cost per hour at 0.585. In terms of the overheads, why are we not multiplying this by 2 to get a cost of 1.17 per unit (since it takes 2 hours to make a unit), and using 1.17 in our overheads cost card?

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        Thank u sir. You are always very helpful and thank the entire team for the good work. I leveraged on d site for my lectures ans so far,it has be great to His glory. Thank u all. Cheers!

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    Hi i want to know what will be the cost drivers for : Procurement cost, Machine running cost and Machine set up cost??

    if cost drivers given are : No.of production runs, No.of purchase orders and No. of deliveries

    as far as i know No.of runs will be for machine running cost but what about procurement cost and machine setup cost. What are these two related to? :(

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