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    @sh3ikh we should all be thankful for the free service provided and appreciative of the lecturers effort for make this boring subject sounded interesting. I don’t think it is too much to just download the lecture and open it on a different window even print it … Do you know that it at least costs £985 to attend the course with tuition providers?????? This is FREEEEEEE so just be thankful and take the most out of it !

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    this was superb but just to suggest if it was possible i assume if the notes where available side by side to the video in the same page following the lecture would be more user-friendly but overall very helpful, thanks for the hard work.

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    @dayz .If I were you I will give up .Why waste time and Money the course may not suit you . There are plenty other interesting courses than ACCA. The boring part about ACCA is not only the numerous amount of the exams we have to take but also the amount of experience needed before being qualified Accountant.

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      @Et, you are not yet ready to be a real professional accountant. Compare the ACCA syllabus with the so called other interesting courses, it far outways the others. ACCA gives you a headstart

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