1. Avatar of sh3ikh says

    this was superb but just to suggest if it was possible i assume if the notes where available side by side to the video in the same page following the lecture would be more user-friendly but overall very helpful, thanks for the hard work.

  2. Avatar of Et says

    @dayz .If I were you I will give up .Why waste time and Money the course may not suit you . There are plenty other interesting courses than ACCA. The boring part about ACCA is not only the numerous amount of the exams we have to take but also the amount of experience needed before being qualified Accountant.

    • Avatar of uzo2011 says

      @Et, you are not yet ready to be a real professional accountant. Compare the ACCA syllabus with the so called other interesting courses, it far outways the others. ACCA gives you a headstart

    • Avatar of admin says

      We do not provide private assistance! You can use all free study materials available, and it is up to you how you will use our forums
      You can post there your questions to the community and tutors

  3. avatar says

    I’m a Kaplan student. However, since I got an exemption from F5, I decided to give this website a try in preparation for my P5 exam this December. The lecturer is really good and funny. I found his lecture to be really useful in helping me to revive my memory of this subject. Thank you so much to the lecturer and the admin of this website :)

  4. avatar says

    hi…. opentuition has always been a very useful guide…really thankful to z person who had zis great idea 2 do opentuition web..fantastic job… on an another note… please inform whether the lecture notes can be downloaded.. thanks in advance

    • Avatar of Et says

      Remember , ACCA course is given worldwide and $ is used internationally than £.Therefore it is fair to use $ in stead of £. If your brain has coped to stuffy this vast topic of F5(unlike me) I am sure it won’t be that difficult to learn the $sing too.

      Best of Luck

  5. Avatar of Et says

    I would have absorbed the whole syllabus by now, had I known long ago this website existed . I only found this site when i was googleing iso-contribution a week ago. What an interesting lecturer!

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