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      The question says to absorb them on the basis of about hours. They spend 19200 hours making P and 96,000 hours making Q.
      So ( 96,000 / (19,200 + 96,000) )) x 230,400 = 192,000

      (I do stress to watch out for this when I go through the example in the lecture. I do assume you are watching the lectures (because there is no point in using the notes on their own – it is in the lectures that we explain and expand on the notes))

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    Hi Sir you are such a blessing to me with these videos. I just started today with your lectures and my Exams is in June 2015 my son had exams so i was helping him out he is 12 years old………. I know I can pass now cause all your lectures are here and with my school I missed all the lectures. God bless you sir………………..

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