ACCA Paper F4 Exam Technique

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  1. avatar says

    I would like to download the lectures. How can i do this i have had problems with the lectures finishing the stop half way seem to be loading and then go straight backl to the begining. please give me a link if possible


  2. Profile photo of fa1th1ngod says

    Thanks !! ^^) This was really helpful..
    I always thought that i needed to put the sections of CA and the Date of the cases ..I was going to learn them tommorrow -.- on the eve of the exams -.-.
    So I got more time to focus on other chapters that i’m not too good!! ^^
    So thanks Loads once again

  3. Profile photo of admin says

    if you have only 5 days left, then start prep NOW!!!

    download notes and listen to lectures and after each area you have covered, try do past questions from the kit

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