ACCA F4 Questions Analysis (Global variant)

Download the list of all ACCA F4 Questions for Global variant of Law exams and all the topics examined so far

Pilot paper Q1 Role of UNCITRAL and WTO
Pilot paper Q2 Arbitration challenging decision
Pilot paper Q3 SoGs Explain acceptance
Pilot paper Q4 SoGs Obligation to preserve goods
Pilot paper Q5 Directors’ authority express, implied, apparent
Pilot paper Q6 Meetings AGM, EGM Class
Pilot paper Q7 Explain Corporate Governance Contrast executives / neds
Pilot paper Q8 Part performance and breach
Pilot paper Q9 Shareholder liability re partly paid shares
Pilot paper Q10 Insider dealing
December 2007 Q1 Criminal law civil law arbitration
December 2007 Q2 SoGs Seller’s obligation re quality
December 2007 Q3 SoGs Damages for breach
December 2007 Q4 Registered Office, capital clause, name clause
December 2007 Q5 legality of dividends and consequence of breach
December 2007 Q6 BofEx definition Drawer, Drawee, Payee
December 2007 Q7 Corporate Governance external auditors qualifications powers, rights, duties
December 2007 Q8 Contract breach re quality and price
December 2007 Q9 Insolvent liquidation rights of Employee, Shareholder, Debenture holder
December 2007 Q10 Powers of directors and holding out
June 2008 Q2 SoGs offer invitation counter offer
June 2008 Q3 SoGs Passing of risk to buyer
June 2008 Q4 Separate personality lifting the veil
June 2008 Q5 Ordinary shares, preference shares, debentures
June 2008 Q6 Executive directors neds shadows
June 2008 Q8 Contract breach, but buyer used
June 2008 Q9 Partnership liability, sleeping, retired
June 2008 Q10 Insider dealing

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