ACCA F4 Questions Analysis (English variant)

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Pilot paper Q1 Delegated legislation advantages /disadvantages & controls
Pilot paper Q2 Terms, conditions, warranties, innominate
Pilot paper Q3 Duty of care in tort of negligence
Pilot paper Q4 Documents to register public limited company
Pilot paper Q5 Meetings AGM, OGM Class
Pilot paper Q6 Meaning of Corporate Governance contrast executives / neds
Pilot paper Q7 Explain rules relating to redundancy
Pilot paper Q8 Contract offer, counter error, refusal to pay
Pilot paper Q9 Shareholder liability re partly paid shares
Pilot paper Q10 Insider dealing
December 2007 Q1 Criminal law, civil law, arbitration
December 2007 Q2 Privity, Intention to create legal relations
December 2007 Q3 Remoteness of damage in tort
December 2007 Q4 Company’s  memorandum
December 2007 Q5 legality of dividends and  consequence of breach
December 2007 Q6 Constructive dismissal, Remedies for unfair
December 2007 Q7 Corporate Governance, external auditors qualifications powers, rights, duties
December 2007 Q8 Contract offer,  counter offer, goods in shop window
December 2007 Q9 Insolvent liquidation, rights of Employee, Shareholder, Debenture holder
December 2007 Q10 Powers of directors and holding out
June 2008 Q1 Common law Legislation
June 2008 Q2 Offer invitation
June 2008 Q3 Duty of care in tort
June 2008 Q4 Separate personality lifting the  veil
June 2008 Q5 Ordinary share, preference shares, debentures
June 2008 Q6 Executive directors, neds, shadows
June 2008 Q7 Contract of / for services, Self- employed
June 2008 Q8 Contract  breach,  Ruxley Electronics
June 2008 Q9 Partnership liability, sleeping, retired
June 2008 Q10 Insider dealing
December 2008 Q1 Main sources of law
December 2008 Q2 Breach anticipatory
December 2008 Q3 Contributory negligence, Volenti non fit injuria
December 2008 Q4 Statement of capital & initial shareholding, paid up,  nominal value, market value
December 2008 Q5 Ordinary, special, written resolutions
December 2008 Q6 Duty of directors to promote success
December 2008 Q7 Fair dismissal, Constructive dismissal
December 2008 Q8 Car sale invitation offer, counter offer, wrong price
December 2008 Q9 Alteration of constitution
December 2008 Q10 Partnership and acting ultra vires

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    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @ramharak, certainly not! What about the English legal system, partnership, agency, tort, illegalities? It’s a good start – maybe 50% – 60%, but it’s not enough to anable you to “conclusively to pass this exam”

      You need to do some work yourself!

      Sorry :-(

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @faixi, Maybe, maybe not! This is merely an analysis of what has been asked since December 2007. You draw your own conclusions and you make your own predictions. What certainly WILL BE enough to pass is a thorough knowledge of the syllabus. Practising past exam questions ( after you have read a study text ) will be a major help to you in understanding the style and format of the exam questions.

      There’s no substitute for hard work!

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