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      No! If they existed, they would already be uploaded. I have already responded to you on a different thread that approximately 60% of the English F4 variant was exactly the same as for the Global variant.

      In addition, I have separately emphasised the absolute necessity of getting hold of a reputable revision kit and religiously working through the past exam questions and answers from within that revision kit

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    Hi, is it necessary to learn International partnerships from Chapter 11? I cannot find this topic in Sylabus F4 GLO for June 2013. Or am I mistaken? Is International partnerships in Sylabus F4 GLO for June 2013?

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    Im still using the F4 (Global) Text and revision Kits. I wonder that if this 2011 version still able to use for sitting exam in this june 2013? Any change in the text books or questions?

    thanks for reply,

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    hi. im studyin f4 global..n using the study text of 2012 for june 2013 exams. bt the things is i get a headache when i open the book n seeing all the information so i was thinking if i learn only from the course notes n do revision. is it enough to pass f4 global variant. thanx a lot.

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    Hello all

    I vaguely remember that the course sylabus and/or the books do not change for december exams and june exams of the following year. I now have my doubts since on the F4 (global) book from BPP it now reads “for exams in 2012″.

    Could someone please advise as Im thinking of using the 2012 F4 (global) for the June 2013 exam.

    Many thanks

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