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    Hi John
    I couldn’t have been more confident going to the exams, and it’s thanks to your FREE VIDEO LECTURES AND NOTES. I’m registered with BPP and when I once had a problem and needed a tutor, it turned out my “access” to their recorded lectures had expired and I had to buy, AGAIN??? the papers I’d been registered to write. Unless some drastic changes, GOD forbid, take place, I’m with OT till the very end. May God give you strength and keep you strong always. Keep up the noble work.
    Best Regards

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      I am not clear what you are asking.
      You can’t use the income statement to determine the selling price. You can calculate the selling price per unit by dividing revenue by sales if that is what you mean.

      Are you referring to this lecture?

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    Dear Professor,

    As I was much relying on your lecture for my studies, I wholeheartedly want to extend my gratitude to you! I most enjoy your very simple and straightforward methodology (and btw, from times was wondering why I even bought the Kaplan books). You can confidently brag about it! I believe I succesfully passed the paper today and therefore tank you.

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