ACCA June 2012 Exam Dates – ACCA Qualification Timetable

December 2012 ACCA Exam dates are available here >>

ACCA Exam Entry Deadline

8 April ACCA exam entry deadline
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The entry deadline is 8 April for the June 2012 session.
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Late Deadline for Paper Based Exam Registration is 8 May – but the ACCA charges higher fees!

ACCA June 2012 Exam Dates

ACCA June 2012 Exam Dates have been changed for June 2012 exams.
Due to public holidays taking place in the UK from 2–5 June 2012, the ACCA June 2012 exam session will take place from 11–20 June 2012. Please see specific dates for exams below.

Monday 11 June F5 Performance Management P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance
Tuesday 12 June F6 Taxation P4 Advanced Financial Management
Wednesday 13 June F7 Financial Reporting
Thursday 14 June F8 Audit and Assurance P5 Advanced Performance Management
Friday 15 June F1 Accountant in Business P6 Advanced Taxation
F9 Financial Management
Monday 18 June F4 Corporate and Business Law P3 Business Analysis
Tuesday 19 June F3 Financial Accounting P2 Corporate Reporting
Wednesday 20 June F2 Management Accounting P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics

Thinking ahead? December 2012 Exam dates are available here >>

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June 2012 ACCA Course notes and Lectures

To download latest free sets of course notes for June 2012 exams, Click here >>


  1. avatar says

    Hi, anyone having the experience taking the exams in the USA where there are no official exam centers? I am currently based in Columbus, Ohio and they are no official exam centers in the state of Ohio. The nearest would be in Chicago or New York.

    • avatar says

      @jessicafmc, Hie you can look for a special center near your place, most Universities offer proctoring services and ACCA will send your papers there and they will administer the exam, but you will have to pay the proctoring fees. I am in NC and there is no center but i use a special center.

      • avatar says

        @trust1976, hi! Thanks a lot for your advice, really appreciate it. I see that you are taking your exams in NC, am just wondering on why you are doing ACCA since it is less recognized in the US comparing to CPA? Do you mind sharing with me how much you normally pay for the proctoring fees? Thanks very much.

      • avatar says

        @jessicafmc, i will ask the same to u, well i just moved to the US so was already doing ACCA, so i am just finishing then will see if i can do CPA. The one i use here they charge $30 per exam but some charge per hour and usually around $25 per hour. U know that u have to register by the 15th of March if u need a special center!!!!

      • avatar says

        @trust1976, what a coincidence! I’ve just moved to the USA too in Nov 2010. This will be my 1st ACCA exams and I was granted 3 exemptions during application. Thanks a lot for the pricing indication for special exam center. I may have to miss June’s exam .. unfortunately, as I am not 100% to go for it yet. Am targeting Dec 2012:( Keep in touch and good luck in your June exams!

    • Avatar of admin says

      apart from F6 all notes are on line!
      Exam results have not been announced yet..

      There was no syllabus change, Dec11 to June12
      so none was stopping you using December materials, as any changes in most course notes are minor errors corrections, one chapter at the time, until revised notes on line would not exactly be a problem,
      Please use some creative thinking :) do not rely on people spoon feeding you :)

  2. avatar says

    Asalamualykum people! I am planning to sit p7 and p4 in the June 2012 exam but you know what they are on 11th and 12th June what a pain .I don’t want to take anaother combination of papers because of this.ACCA has to see what the comments of students are in which most of the students raised this issue(those who use opentution) and so many others are believed to think the same. So ACCA you should do something it is a matter of re arrangement is this not a simple thing to do as compared to what we have been learning from ACCA courses?

    • avatar says

      @halbesri, ACCA can’t listen to every single person about when to have exam dates. There’s always going to be someone who ends up with having 2 exams on consecutive days…just because you’ve decided to do that combination of exams, doesn’t mean that ACCA should bend over backwards to change things around for you.

      • avatar says

        @louisejxxx, No! I think, my friend, you forget that the issue is provided on OT so that we can discuss about it,give our comments on it and I Believe Opentution may forward students not of course individuals feedback to ACCA as necessary.I have seen many students commenting on the same issue (succesive exam dates) though not for June 2012 ACCA may consider it for future exams.Thank you.

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